How to Create an Inviting Tablescape for Autumn Parties and What a Host have teamed up again to bring you a designer’s guide on creating an inviting table setting for warm and cosy autumn parties. Discover 4 creative ideas for decorating a table with an autumnal touch.

Autumn is a wonderful and romantic season of the year. Just picture the warmth of its colours and its cosy indoor spaces next to the fireplace while looking at the outside getting colder. During this charming season of the year, the natural color palette inspires us to create tablescapes in red, brown, orange, yellow, gold, and green.

When we look for ideas to design our tables during this period, inspiration awaits us in the colours, shapes, and textures of the landscapes that surround us. The transition from summer to winter is also a perfect occasion to celebrate at home while enjoying autumnal days of sunshine and the beautiful earthy colours that nature offers us.

Autum Tablescape from What a Host Home Decor with cotton gauze table runner, brass gold candle holders, vanilla taper candles, porcelain plates and cooper stainless steel cutlery

In this design guide, we bring you 4 different ideas to decorate a dining table with an autumnal touch:

  • Earthy Tones in Combination with Light Neutrals
  • A Touch of Refreshing Green Color on a Warm Earthy Decorating Base
  • Two Decorative Layers of Natural Fibers and Textures
  • Last Minute Décor

Earthy Tones in Combination with Light Neutrals

Autumn Tablescape from What a Host Home Decor with cotton gauze table runner, porcelain round plates, cooper stainless steel cutlery, linen napkins and brass candle holders

In this autumn tablescape, the center of attention is clearly the centerpiece that crosses the table from end to end while the most striking pieces are the white pumpkins that give a very sophisticated and distinctive touch. We suggest that you add the charming appearance of pumpkins to your daily table decorations as well as festive parties all through lovely autumn. After all, details are the sugarcoating of decorating.

A natural cotton gauze table runner in brown adds warmth to the central part of the dining table. Linen table napkins in a lighter tone create certain dynamics in this lovely tablescape. While the natural fiber textiles serve as a base, the brown jars with dried flowers and the brass antique candle holders complete the landscape that runs through the entire table. Whenever we want to generate volume for our centerpiece, candlesticks or vases in different sizes are an excellent resource. And, of course, lighting some candles will give your dinner table a very cosy and romantic look.

For the crockery, we chose a transitional style with the presence of earthy colours mixed with whites (to match the pumpkins) so that the final result would not be too dark.

Round Porcelain Plate from What a Host Home DecorMarsali Porcelain Plates Set

Meanwhile, for the cutlery, it was decided to go for a rose copper tone set with a very elegant design. This type of design with strong contrasts works very well on tables with a light or white marble base.

Stainless Steel Gold Rose Cutlery Set from What a Host Home DecorGold Rose Cutlery Set

A Touch of Refreshing Green Color on a Warm Earthy Decorating Base

Tablescape from What a Host Home Decor with porcelain plates, brass candle holders, vanilla taper candles, gold cutlery set and cotton gauze table runner

Warm earthy tones and refreshing green touches design a table setting that’s both warming and freshening. In this second table design, we decided to give a different touch with the placement of porcelain round plates in green tones.

Although the base is very similar to the previous one, the center of attention in this design story is the porcelain tableware in freshening green tones. The cotton table runner in brown is presented as an add-on to the composition (for this wooden base table we could have used a white table runner, but the strong contrast would have changed the design scheme drastically). The rustic wooden dining table sets the casual tone for this design story.

Porcelain Round Plates Set in Green from What a Host Home Decor: starter plate, dinner plate and bowlJosephine Porcelain Plates Set

 For the final details, candlesticks of a vintage style, at different heights, were once again included throughout the table, combined with cutlery sets of a minimalist style that provide a modern touch. The combination of vintage and modern is a trend that has been established for a long time in interior decoration. Including these types of overlays is what will make your table look innovative and dynamic.

Iron brass gold candle holders from What a Host Home DecorBrass Antique Iron Candle holders
Stainless Steel Gold Cutlery Set Restaurant Quality from What a Host Home DecorGold Cutlery Set

 Additional decorating tip – instead of bringing bottles to the table, try replacing them with ceramic jugs in beige, which you can also use to decorate your home later.

Two Decorative Layers of Natural Fibers and Textures

Ceramic Jug, Iron Brass Candle Holders, Taper Vanilla Candles, Jute Ovan Placemats, Stainless Steel Cooper Gold Rose Cutlery, Linen Table Napkins and Round Ceramic Plates Set From What a Host Home Decor

Natural fibers and textures are a wonderful addition to the autumn decorative scheme. Have a look at this inviting double-layer tablescape.

For this autumnal table design, it was chosen to include oval jute placemats, the natural material that stands out for its great resistance. Jute is beautiful as well as versatile when it comes to combining it. Also, it is one of the most sustainable materials for home decoration. We definitely encourage you to include this natural fiber in your home.

To create two layers, a heavy beige linen tablecloth was added as a base (perfect for providing a warm touch to counter extreme low temperatures), and it was combined with linen napkins in the same color palette.

Jute Oval Placemat, round ceramic plates set, copper rose gold cutlery set in stainless steel and linen table napkins from What a Host Home

For the plates, it was decided to mix two colours, instead of a complete set in the same tone. Mixing colours and shapes in our crockery when presenting our tables is very trendy, and very eye-catchy. As for the cutlery, its presence accompanies the chosen range of colours, since the focus is clearly on the textures of this tablescape.

As a supplementary designer’s advice, if you want to give your table an even warmer look, we recommend including wooden pieces to present salads, and appetizers.

Last Minute Décor

Round Porcelain Plates Set, Cotton Gauze Rustic Table Napkin White from What a Host Home DecorWhite Cotton Gauze Napkins

If you didn’t have enough time to think about decoration this season and you´re having guests today at home, don’t worry! It is also possible to put together an autumnal table with elements that you probably already have. Just napkins of any colour are enough to make an easy napkin fold and place them at the center of each dinner guest’s plate.

The objective of this blog post is to give you some general ideas so that you can create an impactful autumn table this season. But as we always say, there are no rules set in stone. We invite you to let your imagination fly and creatively improvise.Now it’s time to think about the menu! 🙂 

Co-Authors: Melanie Kalfaian, What a Host / Danica Maricic,

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