How to clean silverware and make them shine again

Silver or stainless steel cutlery are made from special metals that won't tarnish or rust easily. However, it has surely happened to you that after a while, both spoons, forks and knives tend to scratch, become opaque and look damaged.

In our previous post we talked about how to choose flatware. Today we want to jump into another topic that generally raises doubts: how to clean your silverware and make them shine again. Here we share three very easy options to make your cutlery look like brand new again! Remember to clean the cutlery before starting the process.

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1) Salt and bicarbonate of soda

You will need:

Cover the bottom of the bowl with aluminum foil and add 2 tablespoons of salt and bicarbonate of soda. Add hot water and plunge in the cutlery for a few minutes. Then dry them with a clean cloth. You will see how shiny they look just after! This trick is special for silver cutlery.

2) White vinegar

You will need:

Add vinegar and one or two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda to the bowl. Stir the ingredients in and mix until they are completely diluted. With the toothbrush, rub each cutlery with the mixture for a few minutes and set them aside for a few minutes more. Then rinse the cutlery with cold water and dry them with a dry cloth.

3) Hydrogen Peroxide

You will need:

This trick is very simple. Soak the cotton with hydrogen peroxide and rub each cutlery vigorously. The result is immediate, they will look very shiny. In all cases, after having done the process, let them rest for a few minutes, rinse the flatware in cold water and dry them. 

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