Fall Refresh: Tips for Updating Your Interiors this Autumn

What a Host Home Decor: Autumn Tablescape with Gold Candle holders, cotton natural table textiles, gold rose stainless Steel cutlery

As the fall of 2023 graces our homes with its warm and inviting presence, it's the perfect time for a seasonal refresh. Embracing the trends and colours of autumn can infuse your living spaces with the cosy elegance of the season. Let's explore some tips for creating an inviting atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of fall, focusing on tablescaping and incorporating natural elements.

Embrace Earthy Textures

When updating your home for autumn, think about incorporating earthy textures. Opt for table textiles in muted olive, warm terracotta, or soft mustard shades. Natural washed linen tablecloths and napkins are perfect choices. The tactile appeal of linen not only adds rustic charm but also contributes to the cosy ambiance of your dining space.

What a Host Home Decor: Autumn Tablescape with Gold Rose Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets

Illuminate with Candlelight

Create a warm and intimate atmosphere by adding candlelight to your table decor. Gold candle holders are a perfect choice for this season. Their elegant design and warm color perfectly complement the fall palette. Arrange them on your dining table, mantel, or windowsill for a cosy glow.

Elevate Your Table Setting

Enhance your table setting with gold rose cutlery sets. These elegant pieces add a touch of opulence to your dining experience while harmonizing with the autumn color scheme. The gold accents and rose undertones beautifully capture the warmth of the season.

What a Host Home Decor: Autumn Tablescape

Bring in Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements into your table setup. Wooden chopping boards, in particular, add an organic touch. They can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Use them to display appetizers, cheeses, or as rustic centerpieces that perfectly complement the fall color palette.

Celebrate with Fall Flowers

No autumn tablescape is complete without the vibrant colours of natural fall flowers. These floral arrangements not only add life to your table but also pay homage to the beautiful transformations happening outdoors.


Table Styling, Recipe  & Food Photographer: Susie Morrison (Gourmet Glow)
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