Gold Rose Cutlery Stainless Steel Set


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Set of:

This set of Stainless Steel Gold Rose Cutleries that includes knife, fork and spoon will give your table a futuristic look that will not go unnoticed. In addition, its minimalist design that stands out for the stylized lines in each of its pieces will provide an elegant and sophisticated touch.

To complete the presentation of your table, we have created a Set of Starter and Dinner Plates in brown and salmon. Would you like to see how you can integrate the rose cutleries in your table? Check out our Mediterranean tablescape.

- One set of 2 includes: x2 Knives & x2 Forks & x2 Dinner spoons & x2 Tea spoons
- One set of 4 includes: x4 Knives & x4 Forks & x4 Dinner spoons & x4 Tea spoons
- One set of 6 includes: x6 Knives & x6 Forks & x6 Dinner spoons & x6 Tea spoons
- One set of 8 includes: x8 Knives & x8 Forks & x8 Dinner spoons & x8 Tea spoons

Size: Knife 22.5x1.5cm 58.5g / Fork 22x2.7cm 64g / Dinner spoon 21.5x5cm 84.5g / Tea Spoon 13x3xcm 26g
Product Info: Stainless Steel 18/8
Product care: Wash by hand to preserve the colour better

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