Breakfast Set: Alma


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The Alma Breakfast Set is perfect to start the day with positive vibes. All the elements that compose it have a direct connection with nature, especially to the forest. Enjoy breakfast at home and, why not, in bed with that special person!

All its details are designed carefully so that you only have to think about the delicatessen you want to serve. Light the white bubble candle, prepare your best version of tea or coffee in the sophisticated white porcelain mug, place the linen napkin, and with the 100% wood tray take everything to the best corner of your home. The natural dried flowers will add that warm and homely touch to create the perfect morning atmosphere.

Thinking of The Alma Breakfast as a gift? We can send it along with a personalized note. Just write a dedication in the blank space and voilà!

The Alma Breakfast for 2 includes:

- x1 Wood Oval Tray With Handle (46cm x 32cm x 7cm) 100% real wood
- x1 White Bubble Freesia Candle, Soy Wax (5.5cm H x 6cm L x 6cm W)
- x2 Porcelain Mug White (9.3cm x 10.2cm / 400cc)
- x2 Porcelain Saucer White (14.5 cm x 1.5cm)
- x2 Stainless Steel Tea Spoon Rose-Gold
- x2 Rustic White Cotton Gauze Napkin (40cm x 40cm)
- x2 Natural Dried Pampa Flower (50-60cm)
- x1 Sand Ceramic Vase Small (11cm H x10cm L x10cm W)

Special care: For better conservation do not put the cutleries into the dishwasher. All the textiles can be washed in the washing machine. Make sure dry flowers are kept away from fire sources of high temperature environment.

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