4 tips to bring life to your hallway

Decorating a hallway (and especially if it is long) is one of the most difficult tasks. Although much forgotten in recent times, hallways are often unavoidable and play an essential role our houses. The fact that it is a transit area does not mean that we have to pay less attention to it than to the rest of the decoration of the house. In fact, if it is your home entryway, this space will be the first image that every person who arrives will have of your home.

Pay a little attention to this great forgotten interior space and you will see how you can make it look gorgeous! Hallway tables, paintings, vases, decorative books, flowers? Here we share 4 key tips to decorate your hallway and make you want to stay in it! 

What a Host Tablescapes: Entryway hallway corridor home decoration

  1. Break the symmetry: Perhaps this is the most used trick to decorate hallways and entryways and the one that best hides the length that most of them have. While symmetry generates a visual lengthening of space, asymmetry, however, generates the opposite. This is because it invites you to focus on one side and the attention is diverted from the end of the hallway. A good trick to break symmetry is to add a console table or sideboard. Even if you don't have a lot of space, a shoe rack or a narrow bench will do the job. In addition to its functional use, adding furniture in the hallway will change the perspective and perception. Another way to break this effect is to add chairs. Using tables and chairs will depend on the space you have.

  2. Fill the walls: Let's take advantage of the new trend of placing art in our homes and add paintings to avoid long and monotonous hallways. The hallway gives us many available walls, we must take advantage of them! You can turn this space into a true art gallery. The paintings can be either placed on a table and leaning against the wall, hanged on the wall or, if you do not have much space for a table and still do not want to hang them, a good solution is to add a thin shelf on the wall to support them. 

  3. Do not forget ceilings and floors: Decorating the ceilings and floors also helps a lot to reduce the endless hallway effect. As we mentioned before, the longitudinal lines emphasize the perspective and lengthen the hallway while the transversal ones shorten it visually. Rugs (even small ones) can be your solution. As a recommendation, choose them shorter than your hallway and leave space on both sides. Adding a basket to hold blankets can also bring a touch of warmth to your home. Another idea is to use pendant lamps from the ceiling. However, a very long succession of lamps can generate the opposite effect.

  4. Add details: When decorating our houses we always opt for a certain style that, in general terms, will be present throughout our home: from the style of the furniture (modern minimalist, vintage, a mix of both? Nordic style or shabby chic?) to the colour palette. Surely we want our hallway to be consistent with the rest of our decoration, so it will be super important that once you have defined what furniture to put, you go into the smaller details. The table you choose will not say much unless you complete it with home accessories. Our best recommendation is to combine different heights to avoid a monotonous effect. A good idea is to add a vase with long flowers and contrast with books and shorter vases. Combining 3 heights is the most recommended.

What a Host Tablescapes: Entryway hallway corridor home decoration

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