Round Black Porcelain Starter & Dinner Plates Set


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This beautiful 100% Black Porcelain Minimal Starter and Dinner Plate Set with a sophisticated pattern will be the absolute protagonists when it comes to setting up your table with personality and design. Did you know that black plates and dark colors became one of the strongest trends of 2021 for their minimalism and elegance? If you want your menu to shine, then these are the plates you were looking for!

Porcelain is an ancestral material and currently one of the best options for both home and restaurants thanks to its quality, resistance, durability and its ability to preserve the temperature of food.

To complete the presentation of your table, we have created a Set of Starter and Dinner Plates. Would you like to see how you can integrate the plates in your table? Check out our Enigma tablescape.

- One set of 2 includes: x2 Starter Plate & x2 Dinner Plate
- One set of 4 includes: x4 Starter Plate & x4 Dinner Plate
- One set of 6 includes: x6 Starter Plate & x6 Dinner Plate
- One set of 8 includes: x8 Starter Plate & x8 Dinner Plate

Size: 22cm diameter (starter plate) / 27cm diameter (dinner plate)
Product Info: 100% Porcelain
Product care: Dishwasher safe / Do not use in the microwave

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