Brown Starter & Salmon Dinner Ceramic Plates Set


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This set of beautiful Brown Starter & Salmon Dinner Ceramic Plates will bring warmth and contemporaneity to your table. The chromatic range of browns has returned with great force to the world of decoration and has become one of the fundamental premises of interior designers and architects due to its union with the earth and nature.

The brown color applied to ceramic immediately connects us with handcrafted objects and the cycles of nature. Ceramic is well known for its durability, strength and for having a smooth texture that makes it easy to clean, which has made it one of the most popular materials for tableware. Also, due to its materials, it allows it to keep food hot for a long time.

To complete the presentation of your table, we have created a Set of Starter and Dinner Plate. Would you like to see how you can integrate the plates in your table? Check out our Mediterranean tablescape.

- One set of 2 includes: x2 Starter Plate & x2 Dinner Plate
- One set of 4 includes: x4 Starter Plate & x4 Dinner Plate
- One set of 6 includes: x6 Starter Plate & x6 Dinner Plate
- One set of 8 includes: x8 Starter Plate & x8 Dinner Plate

Size: 21.5cm diameter (starter plate) / 25.4cm diameter (dinner plate)
Product Info: Ceramic

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